Get the Basics of the Most Popular Video Poker Variations

People who enjoy keeping to themselves in casinos but still playing games that require a tremendous amount of skill tend to flock to the many video poker variations that are available. Land-based establishments generally only offer a few of these but their online counterparts can offer dozens all at the same site.

Jacks or Better

Perhaps the most popular of all of the video poker variations is Jacks or Better, and it is widely considered the basis of all of the others out there. The idea is to place a stake on a hand of five cards, choose which of those to keep and which to discard, and build the best possible poker hand - up to a royal flush - using the ones that were received initially as well as those that were exchanged. In order to receive a payout, as the name would suggest, users must have at least a single pair of Jacks.

Deuces and Jokers Wild

These are two variations on the traditional Jacks or Better that tend to follow the same set of rules but also have a few differences. As their names would suggest, either the 2s or the Jokers in the deck are considered wildcards and can be used to complete winning combinations. However, because of the increased advantage to the players, they must often create a hand consisting of at least three of a kind in order to win any kind of a payout. In a few cases, a pair of Kings will suffice and this is a better options since it presents better odds.


Multi-hand video poker variations are also quite popular because they allow individuals an opportunity to win more than once with five, 10, 25 or up to 100 games going on all at the same time. These are great for high rollers because they allow for a significant sum to be wagered and therefore won all at once, but they can be detrimental to a small bankroll if they are not approached quite carefully. In fact, there are records of people winning thousands upon thousands of dollars by creating multiple royal flushes!

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