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Compared to 3-reel slots, video slots have the advantage of actually offering a chance to open and play more bonus matches that come in all imaginable forms and game play. This article is about the welcome bonus games you can find in video slots.

In today's video slots, numerous bonus games can be found. Most of them can be itemized into the categories we have below. To find the best welcome bonus for you, a list of chosen casinos has also been included. At these sites, you can opt to play for free to claim the bonus or make use of the offered welcome bonus by playing for real. The Canadian slots at Grizzly Online Gambling are a pretty good jumping off point for players that aren't sure what they want to do. Grizzly has an extensive bonus section, so its reasonably easy to find a place that offers the bonus you are looking for on the game that you want to play. Additionally, there are a few other sections of the site that players can use to their advantage including news and strategy articles.

At Pick 'Em Bonus Slots, you can find bonus games of the basic type. After you have reached the required amount of scatter symbols, an uncomplicated picking game will be offered where you just have to pick things on the screen so your prize will be revealed.

The spin-the-wheel feature can be found on both 3-reel slots and video slots. There are a lot of these types of slots available on the web so be sure to look them up.

There are sites that will let you just pick off items and win cash as soon as you activate the bonus feature until you click on the stop symbol. A few slot games will also allow you to participate in racing games as a bonus feature. Some races include cars and horses for players to choose from. How you place in the finish line will determine how much welcome bonus you will receive.

Numerous AWP slots are usually fruit machines that offer what is called Cash Ladders. In this bonus round, you click the stop button to halt on the ladder icon. The icon the light stopped at is your price. There are also slot games that offer board games for bonus rounds. Additional play features, cash prizes and nudges will be up for grabs as you go along the game.

A rare type of welcome bonus game is the bowling game feature of some slots. In this type of bonus round, you have to play bowling with the hope you can win a reasonable payout.

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