Free Spin slot games are slot machines which give free games or freespins. Here are some of the favorite online slot games that offer free games.

Standard freespin slots are the most basic. When a player spins the needed number of scatter symbols, he will be awarded with some free games which will have a multiplier value. When a player spins another batch of the required scatter symbols while playing the bonus games, these freespins may be re-triggered. One example of this type of slot game is the Cabin Fever which usually gives lots of re-triggers.

Another favorite type of slot games is the freespin with random multipliers. As such there is no pre-set amount of multiplier. After each bonus spin with a winning combination, a player is awarded cash prize based on the amount of random multiplier multiplied by the amount of wins. The Avalon Slot is recommended for this type of game. Its random multiplier can go as high as seven times.

There are slot machine games that allow players to choose the number of free spins and the value of multiplier that the free games will play out. An example of this is the Loaded slot where a player can choose 24 freespins on a x2 multiplier, 16 with a x3 multiplier, or 12 with x4 multiplier.

Some slot machines like the Dragons Loot allow players to pick or click on an icon then the bonus spins and multiplier amount will be revealed. In the Dragons Loot game, a player is presented with piles of cash after spinning in the required number of scattered symbols. A player needs to choose one to reveal the multiplier value and free spins.

There are games which award players with additional cash bonus for every free game made. This is recommended for players who look for guarantees that they will somehow win some amount. The Cashanova awards cash bonus after every bonus spin in addition to free spins and multiplier value. The multiplier amount, however, does not apply to the cash bonus.

For gamers who go after high number of freespins, Gladiator slot is the one to try. Once a player spins in the required number of scatter symbols, 100 bonus spins will be awarded. This gives a very high chance of getting winning combinations.

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