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A scratch card is a miniature card, sometimes called a scratcher, instant lottery or scratch ticket, is a miniature card where one area is covered in seal that needs to be scratched off to reveal number combinations. It can be used for gambling for money, quizzes, phone calls or PINs for prepaid services. In some instances, the concealed information reveals a prize or secret code. Sometimes, the entire sealed area must be scratched, like in a quiz. In other forms of gambling, a win or loss depends on which part of the card has been scratched. In cases like these, the card will be invalid if the entire seal has been scratched off.

Scratch cards are actually just simple - it is paper or plastic card that contains information hidden under a latex seal which can easily be removed with minimal effort but is normally resistant to abrasion. Originally, they were produced using manual techniques of randomization. The first ever computer-generated card was produced in 1974 by Scientific Games Corporation. The simple ones require players to scratch three sections to reveal numbers or symbols. If all the items match, the player gets a prize. There are also ones with themes like Major League Baseball, NHL, Marvel Comics, FIFA and NASCAR. At present, two major companies manufacture this game ticket: Scientific Games Corporation and Pollard Banknote. Smaller manufacturers are also in business in Europe, Asia and North America.

These cards have been very popular because they are relatively cheap and provide a chance to win instantly. More people are leaning toward pricier cards with millions of dollars in prizes. Scratch cards is the most popular form of lottery these days. Since 2010, these cards have been available online through Java and Macromedia Flash. The cards and their prizes could be availed through the Internet.

Cards have also been used in fraud. The practice has been widespread for quite some time now. For example, some cards offer a variety of prizes, with all cards always having a prize. However, the prize can only be redeemed if the buyer calls a phone number that charges premium rates, costing the caller a significant amount. Promoters on the other end of the line prolong the call and the prize is of lesser value than what is promised.

Another use for scratch cards is hiding pertinent information completely independent from gambling. A good example is the prepaid phone card. The card only contains the PIN for which the user can load the credits into his phone.

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